How can I communicate subprocesses from the same pool?

I have 5 pools, each one corresponding to a process ( iniciation, planning, execution, control and closure). Then I have 49 subprocesses distributed in this 5 pools.

The thing is that each subprocess has inputs and outputs, but the outputs of one of the subprocess can be an input/s for another subprocess from the same pool.

How can I communicate those subprocess, so the output of one can be the input of the other one? and How would the attach files will work?

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Hi Daniela,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. The following articles explain the correct way to connect processes in the Bizagi Modeler:

If you are trying to connect two tasks or sub processes within the same process, then you can use a sequence flow; but, if they are in different processes (pools), then you need a message flow.

Regarding the information transferred from one sub process to another, we recommend using the message events. A process can start when certain information is sent to it, end after sending some information, or send/receive information then proceed (please refer to the example above).

Please let us know if you have more questions.

Best regards,

Laura G