Word publishing - Diagram orientation in landscape doesnt work


we have created our own template for word publishing. Unfortunately, here the "Diagram orientation" function doesnt work when I want the diagram in landscape format. Do you have a hint how I can deposit the function in my template?

I would be pleased about a feedback.



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Dear Lena,

Thenk you for letting us know your questions.

We would recommend that you make sure that the template is configured to be landscape oriented. To look into how to customize a word template for Bizagi Modeler, you may take a look at this article:

We hope this helps you solve the issue you are experiencing.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Hello Laura,

thank you for your feedback.

I followed the instructions "how to customize a word template" but unfortunately the diagram is not displayed in landscape format.

Can I email you the document so they can take a look over it?