When trying to open outdated project no warning/error is given (nothing happens)


in case of outdated projects, when the user clicks on such project while in the startup window (see attached image), the startup window closes (no Bizagi Studio windows remain open) and nothing happens after that.

I've waited 5-10 minutes thinking that Bizagi is doing some process in the background. Well, it doesn't do that. It just closes and you need to open Bizagi Studio again and the user needs to know, that the project needs to be updated first and then one can continue working on it.

It would be good if at least a pop-up message saying "This project needs to be updated first before proceeding to work on it." would be displayed.

My Bizagi Studio version:

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It seems that the pop-up message is already implemented BUT it was thrown to some random Windows 10 desktop and not the one which I was currently in (multiple desktops, I am using about 6 desktops at once).

I moved to another desktop and there were 3 of those messages stocked up...

So I believe just showing the pop-up window on the right desktop needs to be implemented. Though it is possible that this "issue" does not occur to every user and might be "my PC" specific.