What's the best way to import data from another SQL database to Bizagi Database?

I've already seen the example of an implementation like (Custom Replication and virtual) To do scheduled replication of a database via replication class implementation.

But i want to know what is the most recommended way to do this data replication. For exemple: Can i simply use a sql procedure/trigger to copy/import data from another database, to bizagi's database directly? Or this isnt recommended , and i necessary need to follow the steps on the article above?

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Dear Marcio,

Regarding this question, we just need to know exactly what kind of data you want to import from another database. That means if the information is parametric data like: country, language, cities, and so on, you need to use replication because it will update data once a day, a week or even a month according your needs. But, if the information is master data like clients, providers, purchases, insurances and so on, you need to implement virtualization because it will update the information in real time. This method will synchronise both tables.

Bizagi has a wizard to help you step by step to set up your virtualization/replication to an external database like Oracle or SQL Server. Please refer to these articles:

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