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Hi, one of the problems of Bizaji is that I mention below

In today's web api , all of them use authentication and some of them send items from inside the body.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use them in Bizaji and we have to use web interface services to convert them for Bizaji. Since this software is one of the most powerful bpms in the world, why do not you think about this, please help in this regard.

Thanks to Bizaji

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Dear Yousef,

Thank you for your ideas. We gave this to our product team for assessment, but unfortunately, we failed to understand the suggestion you communicated to us. Could you please provide more information/description about this idea.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Laura G


Hi Laura

If I want to explain it to you clearly, it is as follows that most of the web services provided by the service companies have the following items:

1) A token that has an expiration time

2) Token refresh that after the token expires, this function must operate and create a new token

3) body

4) Submitted parameters

At the moment, these are not found in Bizagi at all and only use the Simple rest api, so we need to simplify the advance web api with the web service interface so that we can implement it in Bizagi.