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I want to use video player widget in my forms. I set it by following the instruction of video player widget but still couldn't show a video.

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Dear Zeinab,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. This problem you are reporting might happen because of some errors happening internally in the process (does the debugging tool in the browser show any kind of error while trying to reproduce the video?), or because of lack of permissions in the browser to execute the video.

It also might happen because of an external restriction in the video: sometimes the video itself has a restriction that prevents it to be embedded and reproduced outside of its original source. Could you please confirm if the video you are trying to reproduce in Bizagi can be embedded and reproduced in other type of website (such as a personal blog)? If it can be embedded and reproduced in other website it should be available in Bizagi as well.

For more information on the video player widget, this document might be of help:

Please let us know if this helps you or if you need further assistance with this issue.

Best regards,

Laura G