Dear all,

does anyone have an idea how i could pass parameters into the connector interface. I can guarantee that the connection between HANA Cloud database is established and the mapping is right. I am reciving an internal server error. Something must be wrong with the way how i provid the parameters. There is a Instruction paper createt by BIZAGI but this way does not work too.

Lets assume i have these 3 string datafields and one HANA Database table with the types (string string int)

how could I insert data into the table?




I only need to know how to pass values in the datafields

2018-10-11 13:13:25.157 None ERROR RENDER-------------- -------------------- Unable to process the case:Automatic task failed. ID task=20, ID case=1501. Stecker Ausführung fehlgeschlagen. HTTP-Statuscode 500, An error was obtained by processing the request, the HttpCode is : 500, the server response was: sql syntax error: incorrect syntax near 123: line 1 col 52 (at pos 52) Execution error: bei Bizagi.Trace.Tracer.TraceError(String message)

i could not find any debugging or log-files.

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Dear Daniel,

We see that you are following the documentation at but this is not working for you. Please consider the following:

1. "Sql syntax error: incorrect syntax near 123: line 1 col 52 (at pos 52)". Have you already verified this statement to see if there is a problem in this section?

2. The debugging or log-files are called Traces. They are located at "C:\Bizagi\Trace". Bur for specific projects you can go to the path "C:\Bizagi\Projects\[YourProjectName]\Trace". Bear in mind that you need to activate the traces. You can do it typing Ctrl+L at the Bizagi Studio Welcome Screen or once in Bizagi Studio you can go to Configuration>>Tracing and then choose the connector. An image is attached to explain how to it.

Please share with us the trace file regarding the problem.

Best regards.