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I am currently using the Sequential assignation method to allocate task to users in designated work queues. This method works well when assigning tasks to users who satisfy the allocation criteria in a particular queue, regardless of workload.

Challenge we have now is that we would like to assign tasks to users who function across different work queues and we would like Bizagi to take the user's current workload 'across queues' into account before assigning a new task, to ensure that work is allocated fairly.

Is it at all possible to execute the check at a global level before assigning a new tasks to user?

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Dear Allen,

Analysing your question, the best way to do according you require is to use Work Allocation By Load.

By Load: The Task is allocated to the user with the lightest workload or with the least “jobs pending” on the project. However, the system first checks whether anyone in the user's group has already worked on the case. If so, he/she is assigned the Task, regardless of the user's workload compared to the rest of the group.

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Hi, thank you very much for the reply.

What does 'lightest workload' in Bizagi's world refer to? What I am trying to get away from is penalizing faster working users by allocating them more work in a designated time frame


Work assigned to 2 different users across multiple work queues who are required to complete them is say, 8 hours.

15 Total number of tasks waiting to be completed

11 Task total completed midway

User A - assigned 8 tasks and completes them all. No tasks pending.

User B - assigned 3 tasks and completes 2, so 1 pending

Based on the 'Load' method when task number 12 gets assigned which of the 2 users will receive this task?


Dear Allen,

Regarding your last question, the assignation by load works as its name, by load. It means that for your example, the task number 12 will be for User A because he does not have pending tasks.

Instead of it, you can use sequential. It means 1 task for User A and 1 task for User B, no matter if one of those has finished the work or not.

Sequential: Each Task is assigned evenhandedly and sequentially among the users who satisfy the allocation criteria, regardless of their workload. However, if a Task is instantiated several times, this Task will be assigned to the same user that was allocated the first instance, and the assignation method will not apply in this case.



Thank you very much