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I have created new user property named ' Allocated City's' as multiple- multiple type and connected with City parameter table.

now here problem is, when i checked in the SQL db, table reference created as WFUSER_AllocatedCity.

my requirement is to, get access this table in my expression code using Entity-List.

When i try to reference this table, I am getting Entity Meta Data not found. Entity ID:-1 ERROR.

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Dear Surrendra,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. In a many-to-many relationship, the database system creates an intermediate table (in your case, WFUSER_AllocatedCity); however, intermediate tables are not actual entities in the database and cannot be accessed using expressions. The content is accessed through the collections created in each of the entities that make up the many-to-many relationship.

We hope this answers your question and helps you implement the process you are working on. Please, let us know if there is something else we can help you with.

Best regards,

Laura G


Hi Laura, here my requirement is- how many cities are assigned to each of the WFUser. and based on city allocation my activity assign perform will be done. as per your comment, Content is accessed through the collection, I can see collection reference in WFUser table and which collection function i need to use these values. please note, i tried for GetValueAsCollection(<WFUser.AllocatedCity>) , still i am getting the same error.


Hi Surendra,

We sincerely apologize for the delay in answering your follow up question.

For your requirement, you would have to go over the list of users and get the list of the cities associated with them; then, go over that list of cities and operate with them (in the case you are describing, counting the length of the list).

Here is a similar example in which you could base of your own scenario: I also attached an image with an example of the expression for the cycle you would have to implement to do this.

We hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Laura G