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Upon creation the attribute type is not allowed to be changed


while working on the data model, suddenly in my parameter entity Bizagi Studio does not allow me to change the type of the completely fresh attribute.

The new attribute was confirmed first as a string. later I've figured out that it should be another type and I was blocked from doing that. No cases or anything else was run meanwhile, and also the default advanced options were not set in any way.

This can be bypassed by deleting the attribute and setting it properly as wanted, but still, I believe this is probably a bug.

Please, see the attached file for more information.

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Dear Dejan,

Thank you for your questions and for your patience. There are options to change the type of an attribute, but not all cases or types allow this change. For example, it is possible to change almost all types to String, but is not possible to change from String to Boolean as the system would not know what to make of the characters in an attribute to know what it means in terms of a true/false paradigm.

Please refer to the following article for more information on this:

If you want to change the type of an attribute to one that is not supported, then you will need to delete it and created anew.

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Laura G