Uploading photo using work portal to show on the form

Dear Team,

I added a parameter entity (Pic) and added the image attribute (PikAtt) to the form and made it Editable=NO.

i also added string attribute (DescAtt) with value=1, made connection between my Process (SendSuggestion) and parameter entity (Pic)

But i don`t know how to upload image to the parameter entity using "work portal" ????

also i am not sure if my expression is written correctly:

var Filter = "DescAtt=1";

Me.setXPath ("SendSuggestion.Pic", CHelper.getEntityAttrib("Pic", "idPic", Filter));

Could you please help me?

p.s. Adding picture to form in somehow confusing. i think explaining it toward clear steps would be very helpful.


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Dear Maryam,

If you follow all the steps in, you will find the following:

  • Images must be Editable in order to upload an image in the Work Portal. If the control is read-only the end-user can only see the control but not upload or modify its content.

As you set Editable=NO, you're having issues uploading the photograph.

In addition, could you please clarify what is the intention of the expression.

we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.