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Hi, I want to update a user through Bizaji web services, but I get a syntax error. I put both codes, even if I put the sample itself, it still gives the same error.

sample bizagi



<WFUSER businessKey="userName='juliettel' AND domain='agilityCorp'">

<fullName>Juliette Leroy-Brown</fullName>








code Me

var username=<SabtUser.nameuser.fullName>;

var parameter="<BizAgiWSParam><Entities><WFUSER businessKey="userName='a' AND domain='domain'"><FullName>"+<SabtUser.newname>+"</FullName><UserName>"+<SabtUser.newname>+"</UserName><Domain>domain</Domain><enabled>1</enabled></WFUSER></Entities></BizAgiWSParam>";


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Dear Yousef,

Thank you for your questions. The error you are reporting occurs because there are double quotation marks ("") inside the value of the parameter (which is defined by quotation marks as well). So, you need to escape the double quotes that are part of the value (using \" instead of ").

Thus, for example, it should be something like this:

  1. var parameter="<BizAgiWSParam><Entities><WFUSER businesKey= /"userName='a' AND domain='domain' /">...";

Basically, you need to make sure that the quotation marks (both simple and double) open and close where you want them to. In the example you are including in your question, the first expression within the first pair of quotation marks is the value of var parameter:

  1. var parameter="<BizAgiWSParam><Entities><WFUSER businessKey="

And the rest is either ignored or causing the error.

We hope this helps you answer the question you have.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Hello, thank you for your answer, but I got an error with your changes, I will send you the error text

var parameter="<BizAgiWSParam><Entities><WFUSER businesKey=/"userName='a' and domain='domain'/"><FullName>"+<SabtUser.newname>+"</FullName><UserName>"+<SabtUser.newname>+"</UserName><Domain>domain</Domain><enabled>1</enabled></WFUSER></Entities></BizAgiWSParam>";


Modify my file if possible


Hi, I was able to edit using this code, but I can only do this for each person once, and for the second time, no changes will be made.

var username=<SabtUser.nameuser.fullName>;

var domain="domain";

var parameter="<BizAgiWSParam><Entities><WFUSER businessKey=\"userName=\'"+username+"\' AND domain=\'"+domain+"\'\"><FullName>"+<SabtUser.newname>+"</FullName><Positions><Position>"+<SabtUser.semat.idPosition>+"</Position></Positions></WFUSER></Entities></BizAgiWSParam>";



I want to change positions and roles through the web service