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Unknown user for my .vdx file


I'm contacting you regarding an issue with .vdx file format. When I'm importing my diagrams in .vdx format, they are saved on my computer and when I'm hovering over a file, it shows an unknown name for me - Lydia Pulido.

I haven't provided an access to my account to anyone and, also, haven't faced similar issues with other file formats - .bpm, .png, .pdf.

Could you please advise what can be the reason for this issue? Thank you!

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Dear Alina,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. This happens because the templates used for importing vdx diagrams into Bizagi Modeler were made by one Lydia Pulido (from our development team a while ago), and the name of the author of such a file remains saved in the metadata of the file (as it happens with Microsoft Word or Excel files, for example).

Bear in mind that her name appearing in your file as the last one changing it is not a breach in security: your file won't be accessed by anyone you have not given access to.

We are sorry for the confusion and the inconvenience this situation might have caused.

Best regards,

Laura G