Trouble with deploy the values of parameter entity

The values of parameter entities don't deploy to production. The entities have got default properties, but contain only text fields for phone scripts. Moreover, one of entities deploys with old text that I had changed with web administration before deploying.

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Dear Anton,

As soon as a project is deployed, users must add records to parameter entities via the Work Portal, but only if the entity is Manageable in production. Otherwise, values can be added using Bizagi studio, and thereafter the entities can be deployed to production.

To configure this, notice the entity creation wizard for Parameter entities only, shows the Manage values in Production environment checkbox located at the bottom of the window.

By default, the checkbox is not ticked so it is recommended to review and think over if your need to allow this entity to be manageable in the production environment:


For further information:

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I nave resolved this problem after have made tables managable in Production