Transpose Columns and Rows for financial View

For Financial Planning I'd like to have form to enter numbers for different costs, e.g. Licence Cost, Developer effort etc. for several years.

The Data Modell says: Cost Category; Year; Amount

Licence ; 2022; 1Mio€

Dev; 2022 1,5 Mio€

Licence; 2023; 0,5 Mio€

Dev; 2023; 0,2 Mio€

But as Finance / Controlling ist used to have a balance sheet like visualization the form needs to be tranposed:

Years in Colums: 2022; 2023. ....

Categories in Rows: Licence, Dev...

Numbers in the cells between.

Additionally the show years shall be selected dynamically either on user selection or on the values that were already safed.

because the years are the danymic part.

any ideas how to make this in a bizagi form happen?

Thanks a lot!

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Dear Jo,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. One way to transpose the information in a table to change the order is modeling a new different collection (with the attributes in the correct order), and then creating a rule which runs through the original collection and populates the second collection with the expected order. And then, the reports or rules that used the original collection may be changed to use the second one.

Please be aware that this solution might be time- and memory-consuming, but we cannot think of other way to change the order as tables match the order of the collections they reference.

Best regards,

Laura G