I'm working with Bizagi Studio and i would like to use timers.

In my scenario i would like to have a timer attached to an activity that when it expires (and the task who is attached is not yet done) changes the execution flow and executes another activity.

I have read the following page:

And used the following "On-Enter" rule: Me.TimerEventDuration= CHelper.resolveVocabulary(Me,"Duration");

where Duration is a constant in the vocabulary set for experimental test at 3 minutes.

It does not work. I have also tried to use an event xor split with a timer in a branch and a task in the other one branch. It works but whenever i add another task (that represent the change of the execution flow) after the timer it does not work anymore.

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Dear Gianluca,

After you have applied these changes, you need to restart the project scheduler. Please open the management console application and restart the service. For further information:

You may check alarms which generate warnings for different people when a Task is about to expire, expires or has expired.For further information: