Synchronizing users attributes from external system to Bizagi

We using a SAP table keep our employees data (name, surname, username, e-mai, position, department etc.).

We have tried the integration with LDAP but the we can't map the LDAP department attribute with the Bizagi idArea attribute. After importing users from LDAP using only username, fullname, e-mail, and domain we updated organization, position, and area manually because we couldn't synchronize with LDAP because some of our users are in different domain link. For sustainability reason we want the users to be updated automatically from the SAP employees table.

Could you please clarify if we can import those data in bizagi in order to create users which have access to the platform?

If yes, can you give us detailed instructions of how can be done?

Can we write data manually in bizagi database in order to create users?

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Dear Thomas,

Please refer to for further information about mapping attributes directly into Bizagi WFUser System Entity attributes through the LDAP synchronization.

You can also use the Bizagi SOA Layer. This web method is used to update information in an Entity in Bizagi's data model (from an external application). This method is only available for Parameter Entities, Master Entities, and WFUSER entity. For further information:

Kind Regards.