Subprocesses not clickable despite being linked in desktop version before publishing


I have published about 73 process models to a SharePoint. My team made sure they were all linked to the correct processes before publishing. We made sure all the relevant models were included in publishing to the SharePoint (image attached). We also made sure all elements were selected when publishing to SharePoint. Some of the subprocesses are not clickable from SharePoint even though they open fine in both Bizagi Online and Bizagi Desktop (image attached). What's interesting is that some of the links work. The level 1 to level 2 subprocess links work but links from level 2 to level 3 do not work, for example.

I have already tried re-linking the reference models in Bizagi desktop and re-publishing and that did not fix the issue. How can I make it so all of my references processes are clickable in my models published on SharePoint?