Studio is asking me for version 12!

I have just downloaded and installed Bizagi Studio and, after logging in, when I try to create my first project I get the following message:

"Your current studio version will no longer support your trial project. You need to download Bizagi Studio 12 to create your project"

See also the attached image. The Bizagi site itself provided the button for what it said was the latest version, and I don't see version 12 anywhere on the site.

Can anyone help with this?



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Dear Paulo,

Thank you for letting us know about this. This might be happening because version 12 (portable) is already available for trials. So we would recommend that you download both portable versions (11.2.5 and 12) so that you may use either you are asked to use.

The following link has both versions available for download (you may have to sign in with the same credentials used for this forums):

Best regards,

Laura G