Stand-alone Process Modeler versus Studio Express Process Modeler

The palette in the stand-alone Process Modeler has significantly more symbols than the palette in the Studio Xpress version. Why? What are the longer-term implications. I think I should be limiting myself to just the Process Modeler for now until Studio Xpress is up-dated. Comments?



Dear Charles

Bizagi offers two complementary products: Bizagi Process Modeler and Bizagi BPM Suite.

Each one has a specific objective: the Process Modeler is used to diagram and document processes, and the BPM Suite is focused on taking the next step in automating/executing that process model (as a workflow).

Bizagi Process Modeler's purpose is oriented towards complete documentation of models in a .bpm file. Whereas the BPM Suite will present ways to achieve effective implementation (using a database), and these steps are assisted by a graphical process wizard (which avoids the need of programming).The BPM Suite includes a bundled Process Modeler, but it has some slight differences in the options presented, due to the automation-oriented objectives of the BPM Suite.

Best regards

Luis Emilio


Hi, Luis Emilio!

Some additional questions:

Considering the answer (above) you gave to Charles:

  • how existing features in Bizagi Process Modeler and not existing in Bizagi BPM Suite (Xpress) are implemented in Xpress? (for example, an escalation event?);

  • since there is no direct mapping for all Bizagi Process Modeler functions in Bizagi BPM Suite, what is the best procedure?... start design/modeling with internal Bizagi BPM Suite modeler and then use the external Bizagi Process Modeler to better document the processes, or vice versa?

  • is there any documentation that explains possible matches FROM/TO modeling between Bizagi BPM Suite Modeler and Bizagi Process Modeler?


At the moment I'm using the following versions:

  • Bizagi BPM Suite (Xpress AnyCPU) - April 4, 2013
  • Bizagi Process Modeler - June 14, 2013 - 32 bits.

Best regards.

Aruanan Avelino