Some question about vacation leave request

Good day,

Referring to vacation leave request from process xchange, i have a few questions.

1.. Is there a way to assign multiple level of approval for the request, where, when the 1st approver is unavailable, it will be routed to the 2nd approver. The 2nd approver is flexible and will be determined by the 1st approver.

2..Is it possible to set an effective period for an approver to approve requests, where upon reaching the end of the period, they will no longer be able to approve/reject request from that process?

3..I would like to view where is the workflow currently at from an external system. How am i able to do that? Aside from viewing, i would also like to approve/reject a request from an external system. Is it possible for me to do that?

4..How do i approve/reject all the application at once? Is there a batch approve function available?

Thank you in advance for the answers.

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Hello Kah,

1. Yes, each user can be assigned a delegate user who can complete their tasks if they are unavailable. This can be defined from the users administration page in the work portal. Further information can be found here

2. Yes, you are able to attach a timer event to an activity and once the timer expires, the event is triggered and you can continue on an alternate process path. See the timer event sections here

3. Yes it is possible. One way would be to use the Bizagi API where external systems may use SOAP or OData services to retrieve information from Bizagi. Using this you can find information on current processes and return that data to your external application. More information can be found here

It is also possible to approve and reject from an external system using the same API. You can send data to Bizagi in order to update case data, complete tasks, etc. Last, it is also possible to approve and reject through email which can configured in the process. Email integration information can be found here

4. One way of batch approving would be using Stakeholders and batch actions to approve in many processes at once. This solution includes setting up Stakeholders through experience design and creating the appropriate actions. Another possibility is to use batch actions in an expression to handle multiple records at once.

More information on these two solutions can be found here and here

Best Regards