Software we must be proud of

This is the software we must be proud of because it enables us to focus on our business rather than technicalities. So, we are delivering business solutions with a rapid ROI. We will help for improvements by sharing our experiences.



BizAgi is an excellent resource for effective management oriented processes. Hopefully BizAgi go further and cover all the modeling business.

We are fans of BizAgi!


I just mastered BizAgi Process Modeler.

Learning to use the basic set of features takes relatively little time. Going beyond the basics requires more intimate product knowledge and time investment to learn the features.

Providing a way for the user to easily select just the features needed with progressive levels of detail and required expertise would go a long way to improving product adoption. This is a minor complaint when compared with the value that Bizagi Process Modeler delivers.

Greetings to all members in Poland and in the world,

Waldemar Belchowski