Share Value among Processes


I have multiple Processes which use Jira Integration

Step 1 - Process 1 creates a Epic in Jira, Epic Name comes from Parametric Entity Shared among all Processes.

Step 2 - Save the Epic Key (every value of the Parametric Entity will create its own Epic Key and should be linked accordingly to the Parametric Entity Created)

Step 3 - All other Processes should have access to the Epic Key on selection of the corresponsing Parametric Entity Value and then save it in a different String Field.

Step 4 - Using the Epic Key saved in String Field in step 3, create a user Story under the Epic.

I am not able to do step 2 and 3, i do not know how to save the Epic Key in a way that i can access it from other processes when i select the corresponsing Parametric Entity Value.

Please help, i know i am unable to explain properly so please ask if you have any questions

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Dear Ronak,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. In this case, we would suggest that you create a collection with the keys of the parametric entity, so that a multiple instance will be created for each record from the application.

Please feel free to look into the following articles that have more information on this regard:

We hope this information helps you find the answer you need.

Kind regards,

Laura G



Thanks for your answer.

I was able to successfully do the required.

I created a Master Entity and related it to the Process where i wanted to save the data

Then used CHelper.GetEntitybyAttrib feature to get the data from the unrelated Entity