service task implementation

hello People,

I am new to bizagi and learing it from the document available on the bizagi portal.

I am stuck with the service task implementation.

1. how can i implement it. ?

2. can i implement it using java or there are some specific language ?

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first you model your process by setting activity types (task types)

Under Service Task, you will have option to define additional characteristics of the task, for example if its Asynchronous (task will be executed by Scheduler Service) etc.

Implementation of the logic is done under Activity actions (same as for regular tasks) (usually on exit).

You can attach following components to Task Exit, and implement logic under them:

- Bizagi Rule (expression) - for general/simple logic

- Bizagi Rule that will call custom .net dll class/method - for complex logic

- Connector - to call API under which logic is implemented

- If you are using Custom Connectors, you can encapsulate logic using nodejs language inside Connector without calling actual endpoint (pass inputs to connector action, execute logic and return result in outputs)

There is no option to implement java directly (at least not in latest Bizagi version as its .net based)

If you use Service Tasks, make sure to review this page to understand how service tasks will behave depending on set configuration.

I also recommend to take free Bizagi course



Dear Shoeb,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. There are several ways to connect services, and we would recommend that you begin with this article:

There you may find an overview of each of the ways to connect services and choose the one that fits your needs better.

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Laura G