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Hi all,

I have an activitity in which a user approves something in a form (there is an approval field and he can click on true or false, a boolean). Based on this result I want to send out an email which informs the client about the approval.

So what I did is the following: I added an action in the process "on exit", I wrote something like "Dear Client, ... <Rule:ApprovalCheck> ... Best regards". And in the rule I have an IF condition in the design view (if bool=true) vs. (else) and underneath an expression (green box) where I simply wrote the line I want to have in the email in brackets, i.e. "Your order is hereby approved".

I have no means of testing it, since the environment does not send out the emails at all (probably not connected to an email server), so what I would like to know if I did things right in general and it would produce an email as desired.

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Dear Mehalon,

In order to resolve this issue, you need to set up the SMTP server following this article:

After this, you need to set up email integration following this article:

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