Select a customer/product from a list


I'm building an Sales Order process in Bizagi.

> I have successfully loaded Customer and Product data into Bizagi by calling an external API.

> I now want the User (i.e. an Account Manager) to select a Customer and one or more Products

> The values of the selected Customer and Product(s) should then be set as values of the Sales Order

I can list all the records in a form using a Table Control, but this does not allow me to select a record. The List Control doesn't seem suitable as there can be a lot of Products with a lot of information to be shown.

What kind of form should I use to select a Customer and Product to continue my Sales Order process?

Kind regards,

Pepijn Tiktak

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Dear Pepijn

Thank you for your question.

Bizagi Studio provides a Search control to allow searches over entities based on one or more attributes that act as keys.

Based on your use case, you can use this control to search for Cusomer and Product and include the desired ones in your Purchase Order. Please refer to following article for more details:

Also, Bizagi Process Xchange provides several ready-to-use executable Processes (including Purchase Process) that you can use to get a head-start in your organization's automation initiatives. You can customize them to your company’s particular needs. Follow the next steps to import a Process Template to your Bizagi Studio. Learn, explore and adapt the Process in any way you like.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards