Save Bizagi Case as PDF

Dear Team,

I have the following problem: For a project we need to save all information of a case as PDF file. We have over 100 different forms within the process, so it would be insufficient to create a template for each.

The overview that is provided through the "Print"-button looks perfect for that purpose.

Question: Is there a technical way to use the print-functionality to generate an PDF automatically via Bizagi?

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Dear Lukas,

Thank you for your questions. Unfortunately, there is no feature in Bizagi to export a case as a PDF file; the print button serves as a control within a form to print a file rather than a whole case. You might be able to configure it and use it, but it might present you with some restrictions in terms of the information of the case you can include in the file.

If the button definitely does not serve your requirement, please let us know so that we may change this topic to an idea to let the Product team assess its feasibility for future releases.

Kind regards,

Laura G