removing role from user via entity web service

Dear Sir or Madam,

we try to synchronize users via entity web service. For the most part this works fine. We can assign multiple roles to users. The corresponding XML-snippet looks like this:

  1. <Roles>
  2. <idRole key="1234" />
  3. <idRole key="5678" />
  4. </Roles>

This assigns roles 1234 and 5678 to the user. However, if we try to remove one of these roles, say 5678, we send this snippet:

  1. <Roles>
  2. <idRole key="1234" />
  3. </Roles>

Unfortunately this doesn't remove role 5678 and both roles are still assigned. It is unclear to us, how roles can be removed from a user via entity web service.

Can you please clarify this?

Kind regards

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We figured out ourselves how to do that. This might also be helpful for others:

  1. <Roles>
  2. <idRole key="1234" />
  3. <REMOVE>
  4. <idRole key="5678" />
  5. </REMOVE>
  6. </Roles>

This removes role 5678 and keeps role 1234 assigned.

Kind regards