Remove forum moderation from pre to post moderation

Hi everybody!

II really think that for the development of the community it is necessary to weaken the moderation of the forum.

At least move the moderation of messages from pre-moderation to post-moderation!!

Now some of my questions are published with a delay of more than six months, this is unacceptable in a modern dynamically developing society.

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Dear Alexandr,

Thanks for your suggestion. We're already considering this seriously and working to find a way to answer in an efficient way. As we also receive a lot of spam and other kinds of inappropriate content we cannot entirely delete the moderation but sure we will find a way to make it more friendly for you and for us too.

Best regards!


Hi Andres!

This is exactly what I'm talking about! View publication date and publication approval date. 2 months have passed !!

All other arguments not to open this forum are scattered under the pressure of the huge terms of moderation, which impede normal communication.

Аnd thanks for approving my post.


Dear Alexandr,

Due to your feedback, we are now approving the legitimate content very quickly. We will not remove the moderation entirely but we are no longer allowing the topics to be accumulated in moderation.

As the topics will be published very quickly they might be answered by the community and not only by Bizagi Representatives.

We are working to deliver you a better service with agile and efficient answers and solutions!

Best regards.