Removal of duplicate field on form in case of dependencies - misleading message


this post is an addition to my other post relevant to the same matter:

I've noticed also, that if we have the next scenario on the form:

1.) We have to controls of the same type on the form (the control type does not matter)

2.) First control with label A (referenced as "control A" in continuation of this post) is linked to data X

3.) Second control with label B (referenced as "control B" later i continuation of this post) is linked to the same data X

4.) In Actions & Validations we add some actions and validations for control A only (none for control B!)

5.) If we try to delete control B, which has no direct dependencies from Actions & Validations, the message says:

>The control "B" is being used in Actions & Validations; It can not be deleted and its data source can not be changed. If you wish to delete or change the data source of the control, delete it first from Actions & Validations and try again. <

while it is the control A that is actually having the dependency. The message is misleading and the user might have a problem determining what steps are actually required to fix this.

This could also mean that this "dependency check" is currently probably linked against the "data that is being used". It might be better if it was linked against the actual control.

Furthermore, possibly such a strategy might help to resolve also the issue discussed in my previous topic (see link at the beginning of my post).

See the enclosed files for more information.

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