Re-assign task using scheduler

On a daily basis, I need to evaluate the current assignee for a particular task to see if that assignee should still be responsible for completing the task. To elaborate: Tasks are assigned based on location where one particular person is assigned to a location. From time-to-time, people move from one location to another. When they move, they should pickup the cases associated with this new location and the cases from the old location should be assigned to someone else. Is there a way to handle this with scheduled business rules?

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Dear Jon,

Please refer to to know how to deal with scheduled jobs (similar to scheduled business rules).

Please refer to and for different ways in task allocation.

Geolocation also might be useful for what you're trying to do:

Your idea for task allocation is great, nevertheless is complex so I recommend you to split it into smaller steps. I honestly hope that the information I've shared with you might be helpful.

Kind Regards.