Projects already exist in Bizagi Registery but they are not shown in the project list.

I was creating 4 projects at the same time in Bizaji studio, because the creation of this projects t ook a long time and I canceled creating projects. Now when I re-create the project with the same name, the following message will appear:

summary of problems

The component Database, WebApplication, Scheduler in project "project Name" already exists in Bizagi Registery. Scheduler "Project Name" already exists.

I tried to fix the problem with registry optimization software such as CCLEANER, but the same message reappears.

Thank you

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Good afternoon Ayat

When performing each creation launch, a new record is generated in the IIS, in the service console, in c: \ programdata \ bizagi and that prevents a project of the same name from being created, please you must validate these interfaces and eliminate the ones that do not need, or failing that, create another project with another name