Problems with connecting SAP to BIZAGI

Hi experts,

I am currently trying to connect BIZAGI to my SAP system. But I am only receiving error

messages. In the attachment you can see the messages. Did anyone have the same problem before? Any idea where I can look for a solution? How do I know if the connection between the systems was established?

The system number is right even if BIZAGI denies this. I copied the .net files dlls into the right environment.

As mentioned in the handbook.

3. If by any case, installing the SAP.NET assemblies into the machine's GAC is not possible, then you may copy and paste these assemblies into the paths specified below, but you will need to back up the assemblies before upgrading your Bizagi version (both for the Studio's installation and your project's version):

•At C:\Program files\Bizagi\Bizagi Studio\Studio\

For a .NET platform, for the process's execution:

•At C:\Bizagi\Projects\[Your_project]\WebApplication\bin\.

•At C:\Bizagi\Projects\[Your_project]\Scheduler\.

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Dear Daniel

Bizagi's built-in SAP connector provides the ability to interact with your SAP system and execute business functions, without the need for special coding.

Please refer to the following article for details on SAP connector:

Refer to following for an example:

To diagnose issues, Bizagi is able to enable SAP traces at: and

Please refer to the following article for connector parameters:

Hope this helps

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