Problem with widget editor

Hello, I'm having hard time to find a solution in widget editor (

My script need to tell the location of the other script, I have tried an URL (, but I'm getting a error ("message": "SecurityError: The operation is insecure."). I tried also the structure of my widget (widget Structure) "js/script.js", but also an error (not found) in my localhost not found in http://localhost:10024/ProjectBizagi/js/script.js. If I acess this in the browser, it give me the location where it try to locate "C:\Bizagi\Projects\ProjectBizagi\WebApplication\js\script.js" so I put the script there, and it worked. But this is not what I want, what i want is to make call in my script of the location where the structure of the widget tells. (js/script.js)

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Thanks for the reply, I tried to configure using this tutorial my windows is 10 but I'm getting an error when finish: "The function attempted to use a name that is reserved for use by another transaction." Error code: 0x80071A90 and it give me a link to

PS: I didn't install any IIS, windows already have.

PS: See Screenshot

Files: erro.jpg

Dear Joao,

This problem is a specif Windows problem and no of Bizagi. We have found a kb article in Windows webpage. Please follow it:

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