Problem with newCase(xml) inside expression of master entity


I have create an new Expression for the action of an stakeholder context, which is added to an master entity.

I will create inside the expression a new Case with the CHelper function newCase(<xml>).

But the parser for the expressions get an error with my xml.

Then i will use the content of the case where the expression is called via button click and copy them in a new case of the same master entity and process.

Short xml example:

  1. var sXML = "<BizAgiWSParam>";

    sXML += "<domain>" + Credential.Domain + "</domain>";

    sXML += "<userName>" + Credential.UserName + "</userName>";

    sXML += "<Cases><Case><Process>RegisterCustomer</Process>";

    sXML += "<Entities>";

    sXML += "<Customer>";

    sXML += "<Firstname>" + <Firstname> + "</Firstname>";

    sXML += "</Customer></Entities></Case></Cases></BizAgiWSParam>";^


The problem occur in this line:

  1. sXML += "<Firstname>" + <Firstname> + "</Firstname>";

The error output can you see in the attached pic error.png.

What can i do to get my use case up and running?



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Dear Andreas

The error is on this line

sXML += "<Firstname>" + <Firstname> + "</Firstname>";

That would be the name of the customer that you are trying to register. You need to specify the absolute path using the data model or you can hard code the name you want.

Hope this helps!