Problem accessing the database

Good afternoon!

I really need help.

When accessing the database (retrieving data or saving), I get the error "these columns don't currently contain unique values".

At the same time, there is a connection with this database, because when an error is received in some system tables, records are created, for example, in PVApp.

I use bizagi 11.2.3 and SQL

I will be glad of any help.

I can provide backup.

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Some more information.

My problem, which is described above, occurs only in the development environment, because after the deployment the project works fine.

From this, I conclude that the problem is in the Bizagi engine, and not in the database.

For myself, I see solutions to reinstall Bizagi in the development environment.

But still it is not clear where this problem could have come from


The problem is still not resolved.

Reinstalling Bizagi did not fix the problem. I will be glad of any help in which direction to look for a solution to the problem.


Found a solution to the problem.

There were two tables with the same name.


Attribute: entName

It is unclear how the Bizagi database modeler (model data) allowed this to be done.


Dear Vladimir,

Bizagi studio has validations when creating each object, in general, not only the tables, are unique, that is why it is handled for each one a name and a display name.

We do not have the context of how or why this behavior occurred in the development environment, we just recommend that modifications and deletions be made directly in Bizagi Studio considering their dependencies and avoid execute direct updates to the database that may affect the catalog integrity.

We are pleased that the inconvenience has been resolved.

Best regards.