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Pie menu does not show BPMN shapes

I installed Bizagi Modeler version on Windows 10 today.

The pie menu on each shape does not show the BPMN elements (process, gateway etc). See attached screenshot. Is this a setting that needs to be turned on?

The pie menu still works by clicking and dragging on an empty element box. However, it would be better if each box in the pie menu surrounding the shape identified a BPMN element.

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Dear David,

Thank you for letting us know about this. The elements in the pie chart should show the icons of the elements rather than just the blank squares. We will escalate this issue to the Product team to see if they have encountered that in other scenarios, and maybe they can provide a more correct solution.

In the meantime, please try and reinstall the program to see if the issue still happens as this could have happened due to a lost of information during the installation of the packages.

Please let us know the results; we will still reach out to you regarding what the Product teams tells us about this.

Best regards,

Laura G