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Overflow Bigint to int For "PvApp" Entity

Hi, We have a problem setting the Column of the "PvApp" Entity With BigInt Value.

"PvApp" Is an ApplicationType Entity in "Bizagi" and contains columns for each process .

For example, We have a process on mainEntity called "Dossier" .

Primary key DataType of "DossierTable" Is BigInt But sadly SameColumn In pvApp Is Int

We Change "PvApp.dossier" DataType To BigInt And Modified Jsons in "BaBiZagiCatalogTable ".

EveryThings seems OK but In the rule blow (In the Attached File) when we need to set this column we have got an error.

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Dear Amirreza,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Based on the information you provide, the only thing that seems to be missing is making the change in the ATTRIB table for it to work.

However, please be aware that Bizagi does not support what you are trying to do, so if something goes wrong with your project as a result of the changes you are implementing, we won't be able to help you.

We hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Laura G