Obtain and use Entity values in User Job


I create an expression in User Job to use an entity values

i used this command for getting values:

var parameters = new FilterParameters();


Me.getXPath("entity-list('PeriodicCheck','LinkedRadNo=null and Machine.GarantyEndDate>=@GarantyEndDate')",parameters)

Bizagi shows an error : Variable 'Me' has not been declared

i used the below command:

CEntityManager.GetEntity("PeriodicCheck").GetEntityList('','','LinkedRadNo=null and Machine.GarantyEndDate=@GarantyEndDate',parameters);

and bizagi shows another error: The multi-part identifier "Machine.GarantyEndDate" could not be bound.

please help me how can i filter Machine.GarantiEndDate by CEntityManager.GetEntity command or is exist other commands to does it?

Note: Machine field is a Parameter Entity type and GarantiEndDate is one of 8 fields in that Entity

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Good afternoon Yahya,

I share a link that can give you a lot of clarity to make the filter you need:

and this one where you can see a couple of example of the syntax :