Objects of type 'BizAgi.PAL.IBaseEntity' do not have such a member

I am trying to get some of the record from an entity.

Then use those data to create new record in another entity.

However, the error occurred.

Below is my code.

For "AccountID", the code works ok.

But for "Amount" and "SegregatedFund", the error would occurred.

  1. var filter = "isExported="+ false;
  2. var dr = CEntityManager.GetEntity("ClientFundDeposit").GetEntityList("","", filter, "");
  3. for (var i=0; i<dr.Length; i++){
  4. var rid = dr[i].SurrogateKeyValue;
  5. var AccountID = CHelper.getAttrib("ClientFundDeposit",rid,"AccountInfo.AccountID");
  6. var Amount = CHelper.getAttrib("ClientFundDeposit",rid,"Amount");
  7. var SegregatedFund = CHelper.getAttrib("ClientFundDeposit",rid,"SegregatedFund.SegregatedFundCode");
  8. var newExcel = Me.newCollectionItem("ExcelProcessEntity.ExcelContent");
  9. newExcel.setXPath("AccountID",AccountID);
  10. newExcel.setXpath("Amount",Amount);
  11. newExcel.setXpath("SegregatedFund ",SegregatedFund.SegregatedFundCode);
  12. CHelper.setAttrib("ClientFundDeposit",dr[i].SurrogateKeyValue,"isExported",true);
  13. }

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Dear Edeline,

You can enable logs through tracing to view step by step the function. It is a very good way to check each line. For further information:

In addition, you can check out the article to view the sintaxis at:



Hi Edeline,

The actual problem is that you spelled setXPath as setXpath on lines 11 and 12. Its a common mistake. You probably already found the issue but I guess others might want to know as well.



Thanks Laura! :)