Not sure whether or not I can install Bizagi Studio on my laptop.

I've just downloaded the Bizagi Sudio Installation Kit. However I don't know whether or not I can proceed with the installation since I have some Microsoft apps installed on my computer. I'm not a technical person but I do know that the SQL Server 2008 app is used by another app and therefore cannot be uninstalled. I also noticed that I have C++ type applications preinstalled but never used them.

(see attachments).

What should I do ?

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Dear Calin,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Bizagi installs its own requirements and it should not clash with the SQL server you have installed right now (usually two different versions of SQL Servers can coexist in the same machine). Have you tried to install Bizagi Studio and it prompted you to uninstall SQL Server 2008?

Best regards,

Laura G