Not able to open the Project in Bizagi Studio using AzureAD login.

While trying to open the Project in Bizagi Studio, im getting the error "Your account doesnt belong to Bizagi and Administrator Group. Include the account or provide authorized credentials".

When i checked in the Bizagi Administrators Group, my AzureAD id is there. Can someone help me to resolve this and getinto Studio ?

Also please see the error screenshot.

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Dear Raghunath,

Please also check that your account is not only in the Bizagi Administrators Group but the Administrators Group too. Once this is done, you must restart the Bizagi Standard Server Operations Service in your windows services or services.msc.

Best regards.


Please also verify if your PC-name is OK and it is coherent with your username. If it is not the case, you can change it in the System configuration in the Control Panel.