No puedo cambiar la numeracion de los procesos

estoy intentando cambiar la numeración de los procesos y no me hace el cambio, he hecho todo lo que indicáis pero sigue con la numeración anterior

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Dear Juan

Bizagi presents process instances as cases to end users.

By default, Bizagi maintains and assigns an internal sequence for the numbering on cases, and presents it as the Case Number of each newly created case.

This of course, avoid duplicity and conflicts between cases while ensuring that each one is uniquely identified.

You may override this above sequence so that the numbering that is presented can be customized according to your needs. When using sequences we strongly recommend also using prefixes to avoid duplicity in case numbering. You may define that these identifiers are grouped for all or some of your processes, in which case Bizagi allows you to define a customized sequence, with prefixes and suffixes.

Please refer to following article for step-by-step instructions:

Also, please note that we have a separate forum ( for our Spanish users and we would like to ask you if you could share your posts there in future, where it can be viewed and treated by the whole BPM Suite community and its experts.

Best Regards