next and save buttons work incorrectly site editor


When we use the personalized portal made by "Site editor" for Persian language, the "save" button works incorrectly instead of "Next", and vice versa.

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Dear W E,

Thank you for letting us know about this. The functions for the "Save" and "Next" buttons are set even if the the text is changed and this function cannot be changed: the button in the right is the one for continuing a process ("Next"), and the one in the left is for saving the information ("Save"). If this is what is happening, that the buttons have the text inverted, please consider changing them so that they best reflect its functions. On the contrary, if the buttons are not working in the way they are supposed to according to their position, please confirm that to us so that we may escalate it to the corresponding team (and it would help to have screenshots of what you are reporting).

Best regards,

Laura G