Need 2 account & to re-login to get access to the online courses from modeler desktop

I am the administrator of the Bizagi solution for Michelin ( enterprise plan) . I encounter this problem from many user.

¤ They connect themselves in the modeler and click on "online courses"

¤ they get access to another view where it is necessary to re-login

Why to we need to relogin ? this should not be necessary.

and when they try to relogin with their enterprise plan, that do not work.

They need to create an account with another password.

The solution should be :

One account & one password.

If you have already login in the modeler , it should not be necessary to log in twice in the Bizagi elearning web site.

And the end : from the modeler, you can access to the "online courses" directly and provide a better user experience.

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Dear Emmanuel,

We apologize for the delay in answering your post. This issue will be escalated to our Product team so that they may look into this and help in solving it.

We will keep you informed.

Best regards,

Laura G


Dear Emmanuel,

We were working on this issue, trying to find the root, and found out that this is the expected behavior of the accounts services.

You may want to use the Support site to communicate your desire to change this since this is the most direct way for our clients to receive prompt response on their requests or troubleshooting issues. You can access the support site and select the option "Share an idea." Please refer to this article to have more details on the process:

We thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

Laura G