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My Process won't run anymore!


I am having a major issue! All of a sudden whenever I try to run my process I get the following error message:


The only thing that I can point to that may have caused this (although it doesn't make sense to me why it would have caused this) is a few minor adjustments I made in the Module view.

I right-clicked Executive Summary and changed its display name.



After my process wasn't running I changed the name back to "Executive Summary", but my process still won't run.

Just in case it matters, these are all of the adjustments I made (changed name of executive summary, added new process folders and two new processes - I was merely wanted to see what this would look like in the Work Portal)


Please tell me that my whole process hasn't been destroyed, and how I can fix this major issue.

Thank you very much!

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Well, it looks like it still doesn't work:


Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help!


Dear John,

Thanks to try it. A member of our support group will contact you in order to carry out a remote session.



Hello Juan,

Thanks for taking the time to identify and solve this problem! My process is now working perfectly, and I really appreciate it!