Models importing and Data Virtualization

Hi. I have a few questions regarding data modeling:

1) Data Virtualization. Can I virtualize tables with column type of uniqueidentifier? I know, uniqueidentifier is not supported, but may be I can manually map it to string. Or in my case I don't need those columns in bizagi actually so may be I can select what columns I need to virtualize in bizagi?

Am I right to handle this situation I can create view which won't include columns with uniqueidentifier and virtualize view instead of table?

2) Data Virtualization. Can I virtualize table with column called EntityName. I get error that EntityName is reserved keyword and I'm not able to virtualize the whole table?

3) Data Modeling. Does exist any way to create models (for example Master models) from json/xml?

4) Connectors. Can I generate output response from json/xml in Connector Editor ( like it's done for web service connector (


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Dear Andrey,

Regarding your question, please check our answers:

1 - For the first question, you are correct to say that this attribute is not supported. please check this article: The workaround is to create a view and then virtualise it.

2- No. There are some words which you cannot use them because they are reserved. You need to use a different name.

3- No. You require to create a data model adding entities and attributes. There is not a way to create it using XML/JSON file.

4- Yes. It is possible. Please follow this example: