Mobile support for webparts

It appears that there is no mobile support for Webparts. When requesting a page including Webparts using a mobile device this fails with some Javascript errors. Hence Webparts can be used only in desktop environment which is strange since 1) Bizagi WorkPortal is supported for mobile access, it's only logical that Webparts are supported as well 2) there is no clear warning in Documentation for this limitation.

In our case, we want to build a portal for Company partners. As part of the business requirement is to support mobile access. This limitation is a major obstacle in order to meet all business requirements.

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Dear Iacovos,

In fact, webparts are not responsive, so there's no support for mobile devices. Our team is working on that feature however there's no ETA yet.

We hope this information has been helpful.


Dear Suny,

Thank you very much for your reply. Please let me know if we can assist further in this i.e. by providing more feedback or even access/evaluate a beta version of this feature.