Mobile Browser Costomized inbox

Hello Community,

is it possible to Costomize the mobile Browser inbox view? Because Costomized columns does not work in the mobile Browser.

For example I want to see the sap number of cases already in the inbox. And I want to use the the mobile Browser.

I would really appreciate help!

Thank you very much


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Dear John,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. If you are talking about the mobile app, trying to customize the columns there, there is not a feature that allows you to do that.

If you are accessing the Work Portal through the default browser in a mobile device, we have not tried that yet (the Product team will work on doing some tests and maybe include an article of documentation within the Help page). However, you could see if it is possible to change the inbox view from the Bizagi Studio Wizard and check if the Work Portal changes both in a desktop browser application and on a mobile device.

Best regards,

Laura G