migrate(or import/export)processes form different projects on different servers

Very usefull tool. Migrate processes, data entity, forms from one project to different project.

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Very good idea, similar to my post (in spanish)

After doing serveral BizAgi (and others) projects you start to repeat yourself doing things over and over. Similar data models, similar expressions, vocabularies, forms and processes.

It would be great if you could create packages to export/import to other projects. This way you acn reuse your work.

An example counl be a country parametric table with its values related to state parametric table with its values as well.

Or a help desk ticket entity related to categories, etc. It can be imported and later changed to fit the needs of the new project.

Expresions such as unit conversion, etc. are also very handy.

You can create vertical solutions for BizAgi this way.


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